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Vance Barker - Founder 

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Tel: (530) 304-3082

Founded by Vance Barker in the spring of 2005, Lower Home Energy is a company "ahead of the game", implementing the most trusted and current methods  in all aspects of energy assessments.

Lower Home Energy provides customers with a much more thorough, efficient and comfortable experience. 

Lower Home Energy is certified by BPI the nation's premier certification for building performance. Lower Home Energy is also certified with Calcerts an accredited state rating provider to inspect and certify homes to meet state energy regulations.

Not only does Lower Home Energy get you started by assessing your homes energy efficiency we also identify energy efficiency measures necessary to increase it. Take the first steps towards increasing your homes energy efficiency and contact us today to see what our energy assessments can do for you!

  • Title 24 HERS 1 Verification
    If any component of the HVAC system is altered there will be local inspection requirements that must be met for compliance by a certified third party HERS Rater. Cost of Service: $250.00 - $400.00 Estimated Timeline: 1-2 hours
  • The Home Performance Assessment (HPA)
    During the Home Performance Assessment we will conduct our Visual Inspection, measure building air leakage with the blower door inspection, measure duct leakage with the duct leakage Inspection, rate efficiency and performance of the heating and cooling equipment. We will also perform attic/crawl space and window inspections, all of which will build a comprehensive overview of the energy efficiency of your house, as well as identify the components that can be improved/replaced in order to optimize the homes energy efficiency. An HPA report which includes custom pictures of your home, measurements obtained and recommended upgrades that will optimize energy efficiency will be provided to the client. We will layout recommendations on strategy to make your home more comfortable, healthy, safe and energy efficient. Because of the nationwide push for an increase in energy efficiency, umbrella funds like Energy Upgrade California have been implemented and are providing massive funds for rebates. If you have not already done so at this point, we will guide you in finding the rebates suitable for your location and home, so that your Home Performance Energy Upgrade is as affordable as possible! Cost of Service: $500.00 (varies based on size of house, number of systems, etc. Most houses $500.00) Estimated Timeline: 2-3 hours Contact us to set up an appointment today!
  • Duct Testing
    The duct test will confirm that the maximum duct leakage is within the guidelines. By testing the system and using a "fog test" as a visible aid to locate the leaks. Cost of Service: $250.00 Estimated Timeline: 1- 2 hours Contact us to set up an appointment today!
  • BESO / Home Energy Score
    Home Energy Score is an assessment to see how efficient your home is compared to other homes and provides recommendations for making your home more efficient. Home Energy Score's nationally recognized assessment shows how much energy your house uses compared to other houses in the country. On a straightforward 1 to 10 scale you'll learn how much energy your home is expected to use and you'll receive suggestions for home efficiency and comfort improvements. Receiving a Home Energy Score after installing upgrades can show how your home's energy performance will increase on the 1 to 10 scale and keep an up-to-date quick assessment of your home's efficiency. Cost of Service: Under 3,000 sq.ft. = $350.00 Over 3,001 sq.ft. = $450.00 Pricing does not include the BESO program application fee.
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