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Vance Barker - Founder & CEO

Email: vance@lowerhomeenergy.com

Tel: (530) 304-3082

Founded by Vance Barker in the spring of 2005, Lower Home Energy is a company "ahead of the game", implementing the most trusted and current methods  in all aspects of energy assessments.

Lower Home Energy provides customers with a much more thorough, efficient and comfortable experience. 

Lower Home Energy is certified by BPI the nation's premier certification for building performance. Lower Home Energy is also certified with Calcerts an accredited state rating provider to inspect and certify homes to meet state energy regulations.

Not only does Lower Home Energy get you started by assessing your homes energy efficiency we also identify energy efficiency measures necessary to increase it. Take the first steps towards increasing your homes energy efficiency and contact us today to see what our energy assessments can do for you!

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Our Mission

"Energy is the bottom line..." Literally. Here at Lower Home Energy our primary goal is to provide energy efficiency solutions to home owners, as well as multi-family and commercial property owners. We are unique in the idea that we understand that the energy upgrade process should be designed around the most energy efficient solutions for each property, rather than the "agenda" of the contractor doing the physical upgrades... We evaluate homes through our Home Performance Assessment and provide Home Performance Energy Upgrade plans to drastically reduce your energy usage, increase the value of your home and decrease monthly energy bills. We also work with approved contractors participating in rebate programs.

The Team

Our dedicated team at Lower Home Energy has been carefully selected over the years in order to ensure the very best in customer care and meeting all needs beyond satisfaction, comprehensive and up to date inspection services as well as a concerted effort made in educating the public and in the cross promotion and maintaining of relationships with our clients and professional partners. We understand that our relationships...

The Energy Assessment Team

All LHE inspectors are certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), a nationally accredited institution, sanctioned by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In addition to this, all of our inspectors are either HERS 1 or HERS 2 rated, through CalCERTS and the California Energy Commission. Each member of the Lower Home Energy team has been selected based on his or her ability in the field to fulfill and exceed both the energy assessment requirements as well as maintain a high level of professionalism and customer care. If you have any comments, questions or complaints concerning our representatives feel free to contact us!

Social Media and Marketing Coordinators

Our Social Media and Marketing Coordinators play an integral role in not only promoting our services and educating the public on all aspects of energy efficiency, but also in promoting our partners and associates. At Lower Home Energy we value the relationships we have built and are building with our customers as well as those that we work with. If you are interested in cross promotion through our social network or joining the growing team of coordinators, contact us!